blog grrrr

So excited to post this look but i've been procrastinating my photo/layout duties so here's one photo just to have a ME posted haha. I cannot pull an #incognito Margiela for that long however  My blog posts aren't much about me& my looks for weeks because I have been more excited to share my fashion week picks and collages plus the shoes that I designed for Gold Dot and some other things. I've also read the article that Suzy Menkes wrote about the situation in the fashion blogging world... oh you must read this. Actually , the situation has been around but it was only last week that the respected editor shared her stirring thought about the circus she was referring to. 

When I started this blog , it was out of my organic fascination for  fashion plus my experiences that I intend to share  online well..primarily to document. Having a blog and an audience are two things that fueled me to continue and somehow be proud about it. Up until now, apart from the ughh #myoutfit entries... i share photos, random ones, or things i do at work like shoes , clothes etc , and collections that i want to share. It has never been exclusively about the "look at me" type of blogging  but rather a compendium of my thought process, creations , experiences  which personally, are  good to share and I thank everyone who takes time to read this space.. 

and the blogging shall continue.... =)
 shirt : UNKOWNmanila / thrifted leather jacket / comme des garcons pants / CHOIES boots/ OS Accessories cap