The only thing I regret when I visited the ARTFAIR event was not bringing a small notebook to take notes of the artist but then  i realized it would be too nerdy... I just took everything in! It was a hot Sunday and it was the last day of the art fair so I went. I've been seeing Instagram photos of my friends who went there and terribly felt jealous. I know little about ART but I am certain that this visit will fuel great ideas for me as well. I've been famished to attend events lately and I'm not letting go of this one. I went there alone but my good friend Bonnapart told me he was going. Fun!

When I went there , it was funny coz I literally dunno where to begin. I wasnt aware that the staff were giving away maps and guides. I thought I was too engrossed to see the much talked about Asphalt and the minefield  I was taking photos on my Iphone for the first hour then I saw guys using their DSLR's so I had to repeat from point zero haha.. Here are the photos!

MINE FIELD!! #OPTICALillusion #stackedmirror

 by Ling Quisumbing 

what is the color of faith by norberto roldan...

asphalt by Gabriel Barredo

made from plastic tags! @@ !#$@$@#@

covered with pig split leather... brilliant!

jesus christ made of nails

Hi Bon! cant wait for the photos #film 


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