angles and demons

I dress in such a way that there are angles and shapes involved. The coat has triangles , the pants are made up of rectangles, shoes have  square toes and boxed heels. Another outfit i wore at work. I think I made an extra effort to tame my hair since we had a meeting with an important person that day. I always  look so stern and lifeless on photos but if you see me in person , I am more animated than you'd ever expect. Speaking of which, please watch GOLD DOT's brand feature on ETCETERA on ETC later at 7:45pm. haha . There you'll see me (in thick TV make up ) giggle and speak and I dunno. #Cringe .. I will die if my face will look extra big on the screen.

 COS coat / Proudrace shirt / Initial pants / Bandolino shoes / Gold Dot leather clutch