plain&printed, light&greys

Nicole Farhi FW2013

i love  designers  who understand the role of  mannish elements in pushing further the concept of womenswear. The exquisite fabrication versus organic minimalism altogether create hi-impact photographic story; a rather intersting yet conflicting denoument. A way of Decluttering the trend-driven environment of fashion by reaffirming the important foundations of clothing. No fancy details , no ultra-funky prints (omg did i just say funky?) but just clothes alone plus the wearer's body as accessories , why not?


step into the light

ok i may not be the most O.C. person in the world but i deserve a pair of white shoes. Pointed and crisp and ....clean. I'm gonna meet the shoe supplier this weekend and have a pair made.. I'm tempted to like put a grey suede detail , or no? just make it creamy cool white in white faux matte leather.. smooth and erect.. There's an inner demon cajoling me to handpaint it in white ala Margiela but hmmm.. maybe it's a bit  too early to go artsy fartsy? they say the last photo that you see before you sleep can revisit u  in dreamland . so, join me in dreaming this white wonder wedges from H&M. they're only 50USD but heck! is it just me or any white shoe seem like they're a gazillion bucks!? So if im gonna have a pair of white shoes, i must have a pair of grey jeans or white jeans to go with it as well...and it would look complete  if i lighten up my hair color , right? jesus, endless unimportant dilemmasxzz..


summer some more

Inspired with lego and video games, i pitched in the idea of having pixel patterns and fast forward, they're fin'lly here.  .. i wish i could wear them ...sorry for putting colorful colors for this post, but this is an exception. They're actually my favorite among the flats i designed for GD.. get them here and oh btw, if you're a fan of www.solestruck.com, check out the main page ! see the  new arrivals from Gold Dot =p

gray and waisted

If black makes any look mysterious-serious gothic, grey , on the other hand, makes it cool and forward and fresh. It's the in-between of the monochrome hues. Not as pristine as white but not as malevolent   as black. i wish i have more greys. Last year I gave them away during Garage sales because I irrationally thought that i won't be needing them. Maybe i was too tan and fat last year to wear grey . and yes, grey is a moody color. 

Margiela sweat-effect sweater / Mercibeaucoup pants / Choies booties / Gold Dot clutch

hi-way holiday
yesterday NLEX was beautiful and clean and cryptic in a walking-dead kind of way

i love it when pants strangulate my gut area and these pants are doing a major job in keeping it "tight"



JW Anderson FW 2013

Color Reduction + Superlative highlighting of forms and shapes .
 I observed that there was a locomotive restriction on the upper 
that was juxtaposed by the  irregular, if not,  billowing free-flowing bottoms. 
The monastic dresses, boxy tunics maneuvered in such a way 
that it looked strategically crumpled.   
I used to wear those white slip-on shoes 
when I was working in the hospital. #whiteshoeseverywhere!!. 


super graphics

  magnificent to see how silver can be f/w and s/s at the same time.. 
 Helmut Lang goes street robotica. very fresh and unexpected .
 but i want the HL gene that explores fabrics , drapings and impeccable layering. 

win or loose

 Comfort clothes. There's this weird time in your life that you wake up cranky and you don't like clothes getting too frictional on your skin. You wanna wear loose clothes, loose wedges, loose shirts and pants and no accessories. There must be air roaming around the valleys of your body. You wear them loose not to get the approval of Yohji Yamamoto but simply coz wearing snugs isn't a very cute option and   you just want it to be easy breezy . Easy Breezy hmmm,, summer is near,.. i'm gonna be dead.

 Unisex drop crotch / Pray for Paris shirt / K Russ vest / ASOS shoes


4th Dimension of Menswear

Playing the ethos of menswear and tastefully pushing the regimented boundaries of what is deemed wearable for men . The toying of fabrics and tromp l'oeil concept were flawlessly executed making our heads a bit zany+cray in a good and refreshing way. i know the elbow slit was seen on Woo Yung Mi in 2010 , but Alan's version was crispier and sharp?  Ever wondered how a 4D clothing looks like?  Using mesh to represent the 4th dimension in his tweed pieces.. man,  This designer is gifted! #newfan here! it's time to appreciate these intellectually crafted pieces by brilliant designers. Chalayan is the first on my list!

site >>> http://alantaylordesign.co.uk/



You just don't know how comfortable my legs are inside the soft languid trousers.  I wore them for 2 consecutive days last week. ha ha ha.. 

os accessories hat / unknown clothing shirt / comme des garcons pants / choies boots / thrifted jacket

look at me, leather lovers!

I'm not crazy about the big buttons and black silk bow but the totality of this look moved me. The regal posture and statuesque silhouette that the jacket + the infinite leather pants made are likely to bring me into a leather haywire frenzy....as if i wasn't there yet haha. Eudon Choi , such power.. and lookie there's a cute furry thing on the foot. must see the shoe profile of his collection.

alll around athlete

The pieces  in Y-3 are always so good BUT for the past few seasons I think the shoes are becoming the    secret ingredient, the completion of the whole look.
The clothes have this sporty gene but with a hybrid of streamlined sensibilities...
oh i still  cannot take my eyes off of the creeper sneakers..
love the way it was packaged as a Y-3 baby.


blog grrrr

So excited to post this look but i've been procrastinating my photo/layout duties so here's one photo just to have a ME posted haha. I cannot pull an #incognito Margiela for that long however  My blog posts aren't much about me& my looks for weeks because I have been more excited to share my fashion week picks and collages plus the shoes that I designed for Gold Dot and some other things. I've also read the article that Suzy Menkes wrote about the situation in the fashion blogging world... oh you must read this. Actually , the situation has been around but it was only last week that the respected editor shared her stirring thought about the circus she was referring to. 

When I started this blog , it was out of my organic fascination for  fashion plus my experiences that I intend to share  online well..primarily to document. Having a blog and an audience are two things that fueled me to continue and somehow be proud about it. Up until now, apart from the ughh #myoutfit entries... i share photos, random ones, or things i do at work like shoes , clothes etc , and collections that i want to share. It has never been exclusively about the "look at me" type of blogging  but rather a compendium of my thought process, creations , experiences  which personally, are  good to share and I thank everyone who takes time to read this space.. 

and the blogging shall continue.... =)
 shirt : UNKOWNmanila / thrifted leather jacket / comme des garcons pants / CHOIES boots/ OS Accessories cap

head to toe fluidity

Jeremy Laing FW 2013

monochromatic realness served by my favorite Jeremy Laing. Whenever fashion week starts, i always look forward for Jeremy Laing! you know why!  Head to toe fluidity at its finest! 


Shiny Happy Clothes


Favorite looks from JEN KAO F/W 2013 ...
 love the flashy in-your-face elements of silver , plasticized and leather aka patent and boxy garbs that are for women who surprise... surprises. 

There was an elevation of that streetbeat vibe you know. 
The hurly burly of the it-pieces , it-clothes, it-looks of today can be so scary 
that Jen Kao , amongst all, provided pieces that can be that hot item
 in an Alexander Wang kind of way... Not too dreamy , or too theme-y ,
 just brilliant clothes for the real happenings in life, 
clothes that you'd want to boast on instagram and (of corz ) on the blog.
 I need these kind of Jen Kao gloss in my life.