As much as I want to do a 2012 recap , I've decided to do it differently. I mean it's nice seeing other blogs do the year-end something and I envy them for that but yesterday I was so busy baking the cake and doing groceries and grown up things. I cleaned my room and organized my files. AS IF?? Okay I was about to start doing the photos for the recap but the internet connection was acting up so I had to stop at the February2012 photos... FAIL! anyway , let uszz move forward!

I was even surprised to see my closet with lots of space now. So I did a lil shopping a week ago at Uniqlo. They have the best pants ever! Just look at my legs!  These pants are unbelievable! It's even better than my Comme des Garcons pants (sorry)... plus the pants are only 990 Pesos! It scrunches and strangulates my legs in the right places..  Oh, and finally, I've worn the dragonfly nose ring from Pray for Paris. Andrew sent them a couple of months ago. It looks like a mustache from afar. Totally changes the whole look.


Cotton on leatherette cap / UNIQLO pants and shirt / Thrifted jacket / Brian Evalle wedges / nose ring by PRAY FOR PARIS