Team Juun J.

 noma han and lee soo hyuk in one show... wearing looks that i like #$%$$$ !
 For a second , i was close to
claim that these looks are reminiscent of mine : oversized coat + slit skirts + skinny .. Juun J, thank u!

Just when i thought that i'd stopped having boy crushes with koreans , i was reunited with lee soo hyuk.. i dont do crushes now, it's just disappointing .it's cute in HS but if youre 25 up and nothing's happening its not. haha

 but look at him.


Apart from Rad Hourani, Juun J is the next designer that excites me everytime. Like just this morning , I was drinking coffee and when i saw the photos, small photos specifically, I literally stopped. Instinctively, I  almost sticked my eyeball on the screen to take in everything. I forgot how lovely the coffee was since  my brain was too  engrossed with Lee Soo Hyuk opening the show. Juun J must make him the muse! I thought I was a zombie for a second, hungry and empty. shit this im so superficial, haha. lovely clothes + lovely models. I wanna mary u juun j.. or rad hourani.. #mistress me!

i always get this feeling that juun j's soldiers are like the samurai boys of the future. like samurais will be reincarnated in the form of juun j's pack and instead of fighting,they just exist in the name of fashion. The slick hair  + stony chiseled faces with their obese outerwears akin to Japanese robots invented in the 1980s.and im very much
liking the Juun J DNA

havve you noticed there is an oversizing of oversized this 2013 !?? cant wait to post my #damirdoma blog entry!!! tomorrow!


  1. I really like Juun J as well! I can't forget his collection that the shoes had a piece of hood in the bottom part!
    Just perfection!


  2. I love that neoprene print sweater! And of course those oversized thingy!