KENZO fw2013

How do you like my collages? I really like the collection
(like duh why would i even spend an effort to create these photos.)
There are millions out there who repost runway photos so
I prefer doing this so it would be more personal. It's quite a work since I
work so slow in Photoshop. 

I've never seen Powder blue/ baby blue in such a rigid and masculine way. I love the SKY concept. There's still an imprint of 90'sportswear  movement in the cuts/silhouette  but Lim and Leon of  Kenzo modernized the whole thing by bringing in new textures that stand as a perfect Armada for winter. The super bulletproof-ish backpack is so good. very Rag and Bone but I love Kenzo's twist.


  1. bet ko ang collage mo! i just wish i learn how to use photoshop...


    1. u should it's fun babe! esp pag sa shop mo may break time ka.. it will kill yer time tlga.. plus it would be hepful for your promotions! heeh im still learning noh... love u jayps