Quilt x Kilt

Manila might be in a massive joyful situation right now because of the cold weather but along with it is the rampant flu virus. I was unlucky to acquire it among the others.  Been working really hard since Gold Dot is having a 4-day BUY1TAKE1 sale on Facebook. click . I guess FLU happens for a reason. It makes layering more of a necessity than a silly reason of vanity. My Balenciaga sweater kept me so warm and sane. Whoever said fashion is a useless -money-destroying crap?  Just when I thought that the layering stops at the sweater part, I snagged my new UNIQLO kilt. I dunno about you but skirts  have been a daily uniform for me. haha. I was ignoring it for months at Uniqlo,  unaware how the quilted skirt would Proenza Schouler-ized my look. That's the danger of fitting rooms, they make you convinced to buy even more. I got them on sale anyway so no harm done. I love that it's an easy peasy wrap skirt. I bought a couple of things with it. I love Uniqlo!!! It's like the way I see Muji but clothes..

 BALENCIAGA sweater / UNIQLO quilt kilt / Y-3 tracker skinny pants / Cotton On leather cap / Asian Vogue boots


  1. Holy shitttt! I need that quilted kilt. Love the look Karl!