Hello friends , add me on Instagram: INKARLCERATING .. Never expected that this day would come but my boss' persistence won me over. One day, her Iphone landed on my desk and before I knew it , I was configuring how to upload photos on Instagram. It was hiarious , I was struggling! Like how my 50year old mom struggled when she was learning Yahoo Messenger . Maybe because I am one of the 20% in this country who just recently joined the bandwagon. I'm no hipster anymore! kiddeeeeng there! ok no one laughed.. so yah, just this afternoon, she also installed the APPLE computer (MAC something) on my desk .. I am really grateful but inside, I was like why is she doing this to me? . I mean, i love apple! I know its omnipotence and all but my old souled brain isn't that interested. I want my old trusty windows but .....change is good...

and speaking of change, my first time to encounter a woven leather jacket. I used to have a pair of woven Tan leather boots and I reckon it will look fantastic with the jacket. Can't stop touching it! I love the extra long sleeves. It makes me feel that I'm wearing one of Gareth Pugh's Spring Summer 2010 jackets. And oh, yes! I'm wearing  a spiked cap! i like the shape! it's very Y-3! I'M thinking of removing the spikes though.. hmm

spike cap: Trendphile / Woven Leather jacket : Hongkong / Shirt : Proudrace / Pants : Uniqlo / boots: Choies

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