leather worship

Due to my obsession with Barbara Bui's Pre-Fall2013 collection, I tried wearing something pointed . I kinda like it! I'm like so close of getting that "spider legs" legs although reality wants me to accept that I am a short asian 25 yr old guy who shall  never ever grow tall even with the help of Milk or acupuncture .  The first time I tried these Ann Demeulemeester boots, I felt weirded , not by the shoes, but how my legs look in it. It's not ugly.. but it's something new and hard to decipher. But you know , the never say never mantra always works!  

But I've noticed that these shoes is my version of the stiletto. We know girls who would choose stilettos for an event and we can't understand them because it's like a self-mutilating act, saddism, a sin to God . So here I am ignoring the comfort is key mantra as well  because it's freaking ann dem (yes i'm one of those people who sacrifice things) and it would break my heart (to leave them rotting in my room) even though I know it might break my tarsal bones in the future... or later since I am wearing them the whole day as I type this.

 Don't you just wish that shoes can become the size according to your mood?
That's why I'd rather buy a size bigger coz it's easier to deal with it. i can just put socks or put..a hotdog inside to achieve a perfect fit.

As obviously, It was raining hard. leather is my armor during these times.

  Oversized leather coat from Stage of PLAYLORD / Paradigm Shift shirt / Costume National inner vest /  BCBG pants / Ann Demeuleemester shoes


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    1. haha i bet u have a lot of ccool shoes than me hugs

  2. Great jacket!!!


  3. Really love this look! Very well put together. <3

  4. yes!! the king of leather

    ( ann dem boots forever! )

    1. lol!!! thanks sah.. the boots are so painful wahh