#photodiary of one of the most memorable shoots I've experienced.  Today x Future bar was the perfect setting/plot for our shoot. I was fixing the clothes prior the first look when Ty joined me and asked me what would be the title of the lookbook. He said it should be something Manila-ish ... And since we're doing a shoe campaign, I suggested "IMELDA"-something (after Imelda Marcos x shoe collection) and he agreed. IMELDA 13 it is!- he exclaimed. Ria Bolivar  was the perfect choice. She flew all the way from Iloilo post Christmas. It's always fun working with her(Last Fall, we also booked her for our Gold Dot FW Campaign). She's a non-diva diva and she'll remain as a super-precious gem in the fashion industry. I could always catch Ty whispering- "She's so damn good!" during the shoot.

Paul and I had so much fun in styling this. It's like we were given a life-size paper doll and we're lucky that it was Ria Bolivar.. xxx

It was a challenge to organize and produce this shoot and obviously it was perfect! From Paul Jatayna's styling to CJ Capulong's forward hair and makeup plus Judd Figuerres' video presentation (which is  sort of last minute, Thanks Judd!) , my Gold Dot girls support and of course Edrick Bruel's lovely direction in photography. The energy was high. We still have that post-Christmas something when this shoot happened so everyone's cheery and happy happy. The weather was great as well as you can see. Cloudy and bright but not hot. Thanks to Today x Future for adopting 11 of us- the food was so goood too!

Ria loved this so much ...  Ty gave them to her.. lucky b*tch
  I love taking BTS photos but an outfit photo is a must


  CJ , our make up artist,  looking so kawaii.. very onew! so cute.. he's single, guys!
 CUBAO by day

my "lack of sleep"  look

 my kind bosses  (Christian and Ally)

  I love my friends! Ally Duazo in y-3 and costume national flats

 genius styling by Paul Jatayna of cars!

 Madame RIA. 


 GO Edrick.. 

 Judd Figuerres

 I had the chance to try these shoes from Singapore- DEPRESSION. love the quality and smell
sick design.. gee-nius!

 Paul and I were so challenged by this look. The shoes were so tricky to pair with our existing wardrobe. Good thing this Paolo Raymundo pants came to the rescue. Futuristic Granpa x Yohji chic it is!

 Judd filming: "Ria, make love with the pizza!!"

>> lol

 I've discovered that Paul and I tend to style the same. We take the elements and common denominators and create a look out of them (color, acrylic on acrylic, monochrome, leather). I am more minimalist though that's why I am so thankful to have Paul with me all throughout. Would never thought that the neckpiece can work as a headpiece.

 HONEY platforms from Gold Dot--soon!

 and pls- stop the JAIL X PRISON issue here.. it's just a shoe with chains! haha

 my fave look!

we were reprimanded by the security guards for blocking the driveway haha

 a chair is not just a chair for the Ria Bolivar

These Opening Ceremony boots are perfect for anything.. 
Amazing quality too...

 Inside the Ukay Ukay/thrift store

Fabia wedges in white
 Underground Creeper wedges

 KTZ  + Gold Dot Helga Booties


 Gold Dot ISHA wedges

Jeffrey Campbell lucite sandwiched wedges

for ze finale -- Leeroy New ! thanks Jujiin!

zzzzzz after this