folly pockets

When I walk down the streets, I always always feel insecure. An inner battle of "yeah, why are u staring ? something funny with my shoes faack off" versus "oh hi im just wearing simple clothes , sir ma'am.. stop staring.. have mercy... ". And whenever this happens , I slip my hands in my pockets. It's like a comfort zone, a security blanket.... inside a pocket.

 It always feels doomsday whenever there are no pockets in my jeans. I wear jean+leggings too so fake pockets irritate me so much. Like where should i slip my hands when I feel that the world is against me for wearing nice wedges outside?  SO SO happy that this shirt dress has pockets. Like unique square flap pockets that sways when you move.  I'm still acquiring the skill of snatching coins inside it huhu my big hands versus the virgin pocket hole. Very safe and useful for pickpockets.

Antonio Marras shirtdress / Brian Evalle multi way blazer / Soule Phenomenon shoes / Zara pocketless jeans lol

so this power shouldered drapey blazer was made by my friend BRIAN EVALLE. yep. he's the man behind the high wedges I used to wear before.. He studies menswear at FIP and the blazer was a creation from his first colllection. One of the beautiful gifts ever.


  1. wow you have incredible style- love this grungy deconstructed look!! xx

  2. So true!!! When ever I'm feeling a little self conscious my hands go straight into my pockets... it works.

    1. awww i wana hug u right now.. nasty judgemental people grrr

  3. Don't feel insecure.... You should OWN it looking like that. F**k what people think.

    Ps very nice shirt dress <3