Clean Classy Cray Cray Celine

 oh wait is the word: cray cray even still acceptable in the cool lingo nowadays??

Phoebe! Thanks for bringing back the lace up platforms  again . 
The clean-classy-Celine ' look that we all love    in blown up proportions  
and refined  cray cray  will definitely
be another favorite, benchmark ..an 
inspirational essence! 
I thought that  the pleated A line leather skirt is so smart and yes I cant get over
how her pieces that evoke the modern  minimal austerity  look 
so okay with the platforms..

Reecently , I am kinda getting  easy on platforms since I wanna achieve that effortless subtle minimal  something and platforms kinda defeat  the subtle chic vibe (In my most humbling opinion) but seeing Celine's PF2013 is an eyeopener! 

Surprisingly, it din't turn out "90's grungy yeah I'm cool coz I wear platforms and I have a tumblr blog"  kind of grungy. I mean how? 

Is it in the model's hair ? 
Ok after this Ima go to solestruck and check their lace up platforms!!

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