Team Up

I woke up that day and  with conviction , I said: "I WANNA BE a JUUN J soldier !!"


photo by Dexter Pangan


I sense so much strength and energy  in this lookbook! 
i highly respect Jona's visionary rigor in weaving a noveau idea in menswear. For his FW 2013 Menswear, a post modern primitive aesthetic was condensed.
He always make pieces that are between the realm of the unthinkable and reality.  The palette
which is mostly grey , creates an illusion that the pieces are concrete cemented
sculptures molded by the great god -Jona.

Thanks to Stefan of IN AISCE for personally sending me the hi res images after their  exhausting paris menswear fashion show! i appreciate it deeply!


Baby Bare

Last weekend was my cigarette pants- detoxification. Was wearing shorts but not just any ordinary shorts.They're my fave HANS shorts by Gold Dot. It's like a no-make up day, no diet day for my legs. "Liberation!!" - my groins said. haha..I hate that my legs are so hairy. I shaved them when I was 12. One of the biggest regrets of my life. #shallow

milky boy

LISTEN to this!!!
been raping the repeat button. i love retro non retro mellow songs like this! TEGAN&SARA  is my newest discovery.

Was craving for warm protein-y milk this morning but a different milk welcomed me..
Thanks Dior Homme, i can feel my bone growing!! #oops 
love love the patent shiny , thick coat
Good morning!!!!!


Grey-ter than Black

Lingering in the past.... My fave shirt from Norman Noriega's SS 2010 and my fave hair style when I was 11. We all have that Nick Carter moment and you 90's baby can agree..

Wintour said fashion is all about moving forward, but looking back is a nice neck exercise too.. wink*

Norman Noriega SS10 shirtdress / COS shorts / thrifted boots

Shoe and Tell// DENZ TERLI



Awesome kicks by Denz Terli 
Kill.er !!!!!


Cotton on

I was asking myself when was the last time I wore white? It's been a while. I stopped when my morning coffee spilled my favorite bleached distressed white jeans from Miss Sixty. I accepted my irresponsibility & neglect in taking care of that baby i mean the white jeans. In an episode of GIRLS (HBO), Hannah was reprimanded by her friend Ray when he saw her wearing all white. Insinuating that it's literally a gesture of permitting anyone to fck her. Well I din't feel that way! I felt pure and kind and light and vegetarian..

My precious Hussein Chalayan coat given by my friend Yekky.


leather weight champion

The humor. Intellect.Story.
The mad amalgamation of different leather , patterns, pieces to create 
an outstanding BLOWN UP leather cape / outerwear is definitely
 any  leather-lover's wet dream come true.. 

The perfect "this is all i need" Autumn/ Winter Armada...