LIFE / 2014

It's gonna be 2014 soon. Is it just me or 2013 went by so fast? I'm so excited in welcoming 2014. One of the highlights of my 2013 was meeting my man Larrend and next year it will be much more fun. We love counting the days and living by it. He is definitely my match , obviously. It sucks that we are spending NYE apart physically but our connection holds strong. We will watch fireworks tonight and send our wishes to the universe. I know all our desires will transpire. So to my friends and readers who'll be spending the big day with their man, cherish it and appreciate the moment. I want to say I'm jealous but there's nothing to be jealous about knowing Larrend and I are doing great as well..


LOOKBOOK / CottonLove

Another new and independent clothing brand that I want to share with you is Cotton Love. The unadulterated and clean aesthetic that is translated into their  pieces are promising. I personally love the lookbook with the folded clothes , revealing the superb construction from the inside.One jacket was even named "Everyday Jacket" and it had me.. Very Balenciaga Homme.
In my case it's true. Now, I'm just finding the perfect everyday jacket, pants, shoes to go with everything and with any activity.  The world is full of mass produced goods and it's not getting any better. Just check your closet and if you feel that it's taking up more than the room's capacity, then you have the answer. Less will give you more, definitely and this brand speaks so much about that ethos.


OUTFIT/ Slim disposition

I have a rabid habit of piling big clothes ( and that makes me happy ) however under some circumstances , I'd break free from that habit in order to see my shape. Did i lose weight , Do I want to look taller and sleek ( see : Saint Laurent). The friction between clothes and skin have become alien to me ever since I shunned myself from wearing skinnies for a week.However on days i feel bloated, expect me not to be in these slim cuts.  Dressing up is based on my mood indeed. So fickle.

Balenciaga zip jacket / Lanvin polo neck sweater / Comme des Garcons pants / Ann Demulemeester boots



Some days you need a sweater. Some days you just need a shirt. Some days you wanna stand out coz you're bored with the old formula, so you decide to make a whole new inception - and you wear a Carine Wester sweatshirt (literally!).. Carine W! you're a genius. I love hybrid pieces - skirt pants , skirt shorts, and the list goes on. Tis the perfect staple for sweater and shirt lovers like me who can't be bothered no more of what "top" to wear. Just look at the big shirt sleeves too. Approved!

Buy it HERE


NEW / Boy London Blazer

It's light, it's white, it's wrinkled and big. Will wear it on New year's eve!

Boy London white blazer


SHOP / Nikon 70-300mm

"Nikon AF-S 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6G IF-ED VR Lens
$400 from $999

if interested, click >>>


OUTFIT / Time for some tWEED

The linear sensibility of this coat augmented by the rich texture of tweed made it more significant. We all know the importance of a good ol' minimal coat and how it can surely upgrade the mundane characteristic of any look. Without exception, it created a fair proportion play and texture variety in my monotone outfit.
Getting warmth from something lovely as this is the true meaning of Christmas lol.

Happy Holidays everyone! Just let everything in and appreciate the day of Christmas..

These trousers are fun to wear. You just cannot limit styling whenever you see buttons sewn on clothes.
Tweed coat - TRADITION / Margiela x H&M neckpiece / Uniqlo tank top / Vero Moda  low crotch trousers / United Nude wedges


LIFE / Marry Christmas

Happiest Christmas ever coz' there's pure genuine love in me right now. Who knows, next year , Larrend and I will already be celebrating Christmas under one roof..
Merry Christmas Everybody! Be Kind!


OUTFIT / Everyday

The F/W Lookbook of A Wang and Zara have been engraved in my head whenever I dress up. That moment when you  go towards the closet yet confused of what to pick among the basic stuff inside. I summon the vibe ,recalling how nonchalant and free and functional the clothes are and from there, a headstart transpires. I love how the mundane has become a style staple. If you dissect, I'm just wearing a white sweater and dark denim however when these pieces mix , the product of that simple equation  offers us with something more.

I'm getting hooked with basic leather boots. I was searching for a perfect Chelsea boots and these came at the right timing. Reminds me of A.wang

Topshop quilt sweater / UNIQLO black pants / zip Black leather boots - Marikina/ Canvas backpack- thrifted

SHOES / booties for all season

So happy to own a pair of classic pointed  zip boots (ala Saint Laurent) that can be easily paired with almost anything. It's hard to look like Slimane's model, but with these you can easily feel it at least. It's fuss-free - No buckles, no studs , no fancy laces- just the smooth shiny nappa leather. I've been wearing them for days already. The filthy mad splatters are the evidence but hey it's easy to clean.

Boots bought from Marikina


LOOKBOOK / Pre-Fall Favorites

                                                                                Zero + Maria   Cornejo     
   light, linear and layered. narrow and oversized. MANNISH.."tweaked-tailored"

                                                                                     Theory by Theyskens 
Classic Genderless. i love the loafer booties. right fit of pieces. pretty much mirroring Theysken's essence. extra skinny skinny.
                                                                                                Derek Lam  
    Minimal warrior. Sharp and abrupt cuts. boxy. mid skirt . Tibetan-ish shoes.Linda Blair x Exorcist hair (i love!)

ph: style.com


OUTFIT / Tokyo 1993

I used to hate Navy when I was small. I remember the nasty high-school boys who gave my mom so much headache in the school library. My mom is a librarian and I used to hang out with her when I was like 4 or 5. "Highschool boys wear navy pants , stay away from them." my mom would always warn me. Moving forward, I think it's the next color I'd choose when I get bored with black.  There's something serious about the color. I can easily attribute it with school and jobs. the color of Uniform. The expensive version of cobalt blue. I wish it will be the next "it" color next season. I would die to see a Navy blue Rick Owens dress worn by Karlie Kloss  or a Midnight Blue coat from Celine.

And how it make my white shoes pop . I mean yeah, any black outfit can make whites pop too but Blue and White are like the 2nd  perfect match (next to black)
Japanese school bag - MIKI House /  Zip jacket - Balenciaga / Sweater- Balenciaga / Pinstripe pants - Zara / shoes - Dr Martens


LIFE / 5 days before Christmas

So Mariah Carey's ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS is just true after all. I just want my man for Christmas. I don't need no new shoes, or new clothes... It's unfair how plane tickets are so expensive during Christmas. Why are airplanes so expensive anyway? and why are we so far away. so this Christmas , we will talk until midnight while drinking wine and eating cookies via skype. I can't wait for Christmas!!!


COLLECTION / Minimal Finish

Martin Wieser A/W 13-14                                                  
According to Wieser, he wants his clothes to be non-gender based, as long as the fit is right. Well i agree. his pieces might be the classic traditional ones but the governing direction of his collection is modern and pure. The dominance of white and the clean slate pieces inspire me to wear more whites too as if he's urging us to make it a practice.