whowhatwhen: Bloggers United 4.0

Fun fun 2 day event! I'd like to thank the readers and shoppers for supporting our team. EVERYTHING was almost sold out.. Highlight of the bazaar was the security guard who bought my talon rings. I thought it's cute... Thank you once again most especially to Ana Gonzales, Aisa Ipac and Melai Entuna...

jp singson.. all my savings went to his pocket lol... seriously all the good stuff are in his booth 

 best booth is Fabgelous' 
#teamKawaii: Reese and Ashley Dy (who came all the way from Osaka)

Tin Iglesias and her Margiela booties which she bought at 50% off in Bangkok

hayy.pretty girls.. =p

                                                                                        patricia prieto and kryz uy

my lovely readers

aivan and raleene
ostrich what>>>!!! $$$

my team

paulie .. KTZ realness

crush of the day : alyssa lapid

the new face of GOLD DOT: Maya Kibbel.. will blog her in the following days

cool kids wear black