Dyu get that feeling when your imaginary background music sorta like become a song from the Carpenters. You're not on drugs but everything slows down  while you try to catch up. You wanna be energetic and forward but suddenly you hear Karen Carpenters voice somewhere. I am getting close to that moment.. haha

It's December but I am so happy that It feels like June! My christmas shopping list was ..i dunno where!   It's all good though, more like a healthy inner battle.  I can choose to blog all day and update it but being a Gemini I wanna be everywhere and do stuff  than warming my butt in front of the PC.. But i am kinda OC when it comes to my blogging. I wanna be updated. If i take photos,  I wanna edit them right away. Now I just don't know to what folder I placed those photos on my computer. Those tiny cute lil tasks pile up and you dont know where to begin. Plus the  Brown Rice  and Lettuce I prepared is sitting on the fridge for 2 days.

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photo by Anton Aguila