PRAY.for.KATE / prayforparis

Layered head. Layered torso . Layered bottoms . Layered everything. Layered accessories... Make this a habit....
Oh and here's my PRAY FOR KATE shirt by PRAY FOR PARIS. It is clear that the fashion rebel movement is gaining a lot of favor from the young ones including me. A clear statement that it's ok to loosen up with things involving fashion. 

h&m blazer / cotton on cap / sea gnome earrings by OS Accessories / Pray for Paris shirt / Y-3 pants / old A.P.C. Skirt / Thrifted boots

photos by GERD PEREZ


  1. the matte black accessories are sweeeet. also, who could resist you biting your lip?? ;) hahaha love this outfit as usual, karl! xxx

  2. Great styling from head to toe! Wait, let's include also your nails, love et!