Tired but pumped up from all the major happenings lately. It was my first time to organize a shoot and it was something major. I am not even halfway in getting done (email-ing press, editing blog photos, email-ing Ty, shoe designing  etc ).  For the first time , I felt that moment when everyone is like "hey karl, what eyeshadow should we use?" and 3 seconds later, Paul will come and ask "should we do the all-leather with that look or keep it clean minimal ?" then suddenly the asst. stylist Bruce will ask me where to get an extension plug for the steamer. "In demand Cray cray" but it was all goooooood. The fact that I only had 2 hour sleep prior the shoot was superhuman. I have a very good team! Can't wait to show the photos.

About the outfit ----> I wore this a week ago. Combining knits from Margiela and Zero Maria Cornejo and adding a beanie for more holiday realness... No but really, the cool breeze is happening , Philippines! Layer layer layer or you'll regret it when it's over!

my eyebags are becoming darker and darker... shit!

bought this from JOYCE in HK

BANGLES from Trendphile..


beanie from Uniqlo / Margiela knit shirt / Zero + Maria Cornejo cardigan / vest- VIGOR / Cheap Monday pants / Zara boots / Gold dot clutch / OS ring and earring