Everyday I am excited to go to work. Apart from the job which I really love, i enjoy the travel time. It would suck if my house would just be a block away from my office. I enjoy the things I see on the road. The grumpy morning people, rude drivers, those cheerful street vendors. What I love the most are the construction sites, the erect  buildings and lines I see on the road. There's something in buildings that draw me towards them. It's like a product of  inception- a space within a space within a space , lines between lines

BeforeI die I wanna have a music video and I want every bit of these images present in it... Yes! Including the three nuns hihi.  Enjoy the gift of sight , people. I envy those people who bring their camera everywhere; a real life documentation!  If I could , I would bring my camera all the time, anywhere and snap things, animals, the living and the dead but the world I live in is dangerous and it's just not safe. 

8 am
shine bright....

 oo madami akong reklamo sa jeep. Ayaw ni imelda marcos lol

Work was half day and the bridge was empty! I hurriedly took out my bulky cam.. I wasnt wearing sunblock and the 3pm  sun was so close to me..