One of the most interesting pants I have.. What's the point of accessorizing, right if you have zippers as piping?  They're perfect with my sneaker wedges but ill wear them maybe on my next poost...

It's a busy week I have like 4 magazine shoots for Gold Dot plus Bloggers United 4 from 10am to 12mn on Saturday! my god!  And on Friday is the main event. Wie will be shooting the FW2013 AND SS13 of Gold Dot with Mike Magallanes and Jujiin plus our mystery model that we will reveal soon. haha.. hint: she's bff with a popular boyband and she's from Japan! This is gonna be exciting ..... Will livetweet on Friday plus the shoes oh yes the shoes are all RAD ! Fastforward pls!



Thrifted jacket / Comme des Garcons shirt / Zip pants from Taiwan /
 Pony hair wedges from Hongkong / Cotton on cap

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  1. I want your shoes Darling <3