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Last week, I finally receive the package from Dutch label- Mujjo. Tom Canters, one of the creative directors of Mujjo , was very kind to present the brand to me in one of our email conversation. I love the energy of the brand. It was quite cool to be able to talk to them (personally) since both of us are in the product development/ fashion business line. I am a BB user (sucks i know) and I do have a lot of friends who use i Phone and it's just unfair that all the good stuff are in favor of them. I've been seeing a lot of Jil Sander, Marc Jacobs etc i Phone cases while we  BB users are stuck w/ that black boring BB case  lol.. And now , I feel very happy for Apple users because MUJJO has everything for them. 

I am a fan of Dutch leather craftsmanship and upon receiving the items they sent me, I can really reaffirm the undeniable quality. and  I can't stop ssniffing the leather case OMG.  Mujjo is all about timeless clean and minimal designs. I mean, I would love to use their IPAD cases as an envelope clutch. Their designs are  refined masculine mixed with class. We all now live in an age where people judge you by your looks, clothes  I mean honestly and I think Mujjo's move in creating fine leather goods aka gadget outfits will become bigger and better

I did a quick interview with co-founder Remy Nagelmaker from a fashion blogger's point-of-view. After sending the questions via email , I accidentally saw Tomy and Remy's photos on their MUJJO Blog section and my heart kinda melted  lol.. #gwapo . Wouldav asked more personal questions , kidding.



-Are you going to explore more on fabric selections and combinations? like different leathers: nappa, cowskin,  alligator, sheep? etc and combine it maybe with trendy fabrics like PVC leather , glass foil  , patent leather,etc?

Remy: "For sure, we love to experiment with unique material and combinations. We love to work with natural products. This reflects in the leather touchscreen gloves made of the finest Ethiopian lambskin. We've chosen this leather because it is soft, warm and durable like one would expect from excellent leather. 100% natural wool lining is integrated to fully insulate the gloves."

-Do you wish to collaborate with fashion  designers in the future?say a capsule collection?
"Yes we do. To realise The Originals collection we teamed up with a group of fashion designers for their expertise. Our aim is to create accessories suitable for any occasion without owning multiple items of accessories. The vision to achieve this is by working with 100% natural materials and come up with contemporary designs, that enhance the quintessential urban character of the Mujjo brand. "

-Are the products vegan-friendly ?if not, did you get any feedback from the leather/wool critics? what was your reaction with that?
Remy: "All Mujjo items are made of high quality top-grain 100% vegetable-tanned leather and are hand-dyed using environmentally friendly dyes. Thus we haven't receive any feedbacks from leather/wool critics. "

Gadget accessories are becoming the future potential must-haves and you're right on track with this movement , will you only be focused in creating accessories matched for APPLE gadgets? (im a BB user grrr hahha) 

Remy:"Apple accessories are our core focus right now. We do have some accessories for SamSung's smartphones. We do consider other brands, but there are no specific plans yet. Funny note: recently RIM (Blackberry) approached us to make a sleeve for their Playbook. "

-Which brand of leather goods (bags, clothes) do you admire ? (HERMES, BALLY, ETC..?)
Remy: "I admire fashion designer Maria Erixon, founder behind Nudie Jeans and Denim Birds. I love her spin on denims in terms of simplicity in design and the raw character of materials she uses. "

-Where do you harvest your inspiration in creating your items?
"I take loads of inspiration from sport cars industry. A good example is our new touchscreen glove, that is inspired by a racing glove. "

felt and leather look so fine...

I'll be looking forward for more products and ..erm.. BB sleeves? .

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