Christmas 2012

Christmas-y photos to Christmas-ize my blog. And why can't it not be my fave season? Everyone's so cheery and rich and giving. Every dish seems so yummy and ..free? I have always been a frightful person but during Christmas , it automatically goes away. Christmas is Christmas! I am so happy.  I once asked what would Christmas be when I'm all grown up. Well here it is and surprisingly it's still  the same. We might not have  a Christmas tree at home this year  but its ok. Christmas right now might not be as magical as it was in 1997 but I feel good. I am still excited with the smell of Christmas wrappers and that oily filthy Ham + and mom's Fruit salad that never changed for as long as i can remember 

Be a Santa at heart. .Give like Santa. Smile like Santa.
but don't eat like Santa ha ha ha. i mean ho ho


  1. I really like the direction your blog and style are going. Looking very streamlined...nice. :)
    Merry Christmas! xo

    1. thanks so much, thats the sweeetest comment so far huhu hugs