Bye November!!!

Reunited with my old Diesel sneaks! i love the rusty Margiel-ic effect on the pure white leather + canvas . Must learn to wear sneakers again. It's healthy for the bones. I'm trying out salad again and yes I may have lost weight but my face is still EDEMATOUS. .HELP! I've enjoyed picking out lettuce in the grocery one night. It took me an hour to decide on the salad dressing because there are no non fat / low fat available. I had to decide between the mango vinaigrette  dressing with a higher sodium and lower calories versus the Strawberry variant with low sodium but high calories. I bought the Strawberry!  The 2 skelly accessories below were gifts! Thanks to Pray for Paris and to my boss/bff Ally Duazo. She bought the cute acrylic skull ring from House of Chapel in Hongkong! One of my fave stores.Oh it's December 1 today! kenatbilibit!

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