Balmung SS13/ Sandy Gold

 Anything with metallic accents are fresh, forward.. ok- Trendy! 
Gone are the days when Gold or Metallic in general , is a reserved color. A holiday color. 
Nowadays, designers have created a standard blueprint that it's ergonomic for day wear.
Balmung was one of the earliest last year to present a SILVER collection 
(right after Gareth Pugh, I guess) with his usual avant garde creation. Minimalism makes me drool 
but metabolizing and digesting the Japanese  cray cray chic collections  is a healthy exercise.
 The sense of direction is young , free and .... Japan!

Japanese has a funny way of distorting/enhancing  the usual.
Their cartoon characters have enlarged oblong eyes.  They have those cute functional products
 which is quite humorous yet sensible(shoe umbrella, floating digicam tripods, IPAD overhead case, and many more  ). 

 Same with BALMUNG designer Hachi inflated the sleeves with paddings, asymmetry in superlative grounds, and of course the dis-pattern pattern of everything!!

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  1. killing it with the textures and prints yet again!