low res images for a change (not instagram though). Taking out your camera outside can be the death of you. Was s'posed to attend the LOOK event but my eyes were very tired last night. On the way home, I saw a friend in a thrift store. While the friend was buying cute pyjamas , I stepped on something. It was a rip-off DSQUARED boots lol.  It's in my size and the price is not bad haha. I might sell it in the future or wear it for  a panty monster night where i can make fool around w/ it.   What can the Chinese suppliers not do these days?... I've also noticed nowadays that most of the  shoes that are  sold in the thrift stores around the metro are from China. I wonder where have all those hi-quality shoes gone?  Before I used to see a lot of vintage/ classic Italian leather boots, distressed Doc Martens or loafers from Bally but everything's change now.The disposable trend is now in your nearest thrift stores as well. 

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  1. Many vintage stores in Asia are stocking designer shoes replicas as well, including Australia, except the ones in Australia has a $100-$200 price tag. LOL

    Love the cap by the way.