who do you think you are?

Good Morning!!! I can take criticisms or bashing or hate comments to an extent but my only requirement is that you must be credible enough to give that comment. I received a comment from a 19 yr old girl (from the west side of the globe) telling me i should be more wise with my outfits and that she doesnt like my style. So okay it's her opinion but the moment I went to her page , i was surprised. What do you mean wise? wait so you're saying that you ,being nineteen, are wiser than me? Some people were born to really EXPRESS their opinion no matter what, no?  When i don't like someone's blog or style - i keep quiet not unless he/she asked my opionion about it.  I don't submit comments to question what they wear etc .  It's that simple!

It's not as if her comment was the most hateful thing that i've received but please before you comment, internalize yourself first and ask: am i even in the position to give that comment? what do i know in fashion? am i good enough? does my parents love me? why am i so hateful? ..  surprisingly those people who give me hate comments are the ones whom I shouldn't listen to. If you're Susie Bubble et al. then I'd humbly take it otherwise it depends.  I've been blogging since 2009 and i don't really do rant posts /  nega posts because this space is a celebration of my expression, optimism  and blah blah yada but lately the blogging world is invaded by lookbook trolls. Trolls who think their biker jackets and spiked loafers and Forever21 skirts can make them ahead of everyone so there ..remember little knowledge is dangerouzzzssss... 

 world peace!Karl Leuterio, Miss Philippines!

Karl Alley cap from LAHLAH Land / 5preview denim jacket / oversized vest / ASOS pants


  1. Agreed. Nakakaloka naman yun. Andami kong tawa dun sa "does my parents love me?" part!!!

  2. Sabay ang ending ay un detail ng suot, LOL! Keep calm teh. :)

  3. kalerks ang mga bagets non? they think they know everything just by wearing studs and shredded diy teees and posting them on lookbook et at. hay naku i'm sure mas mahaba ang hair at kilay mo sa girlita na yan. =)

  4. NAKAKALOKA! Im sure gurla is just a drop dead forever 21 betch. kebs ng bongga! Continue your one of a kind sartorialisms and werq lang!
    XOXO <3