sweat love

I should've visited JP SINGSON's shop on the day it was opened. Now I think all the good ones were sold already. Though, JP reassured that he replenishes his shop every once in a while. I will share with you my experience when I visited his shop. Take this Jean Paul Gaultier sweater for example. It spoke to me like a puppy in a pet shop. This is one of the best buys ever. I love how it redefines the shape of my torso and arms. 

sweater = more sweat


  1. thanks for visiting. the sweater looks great on you. see u soon!

  2. ^
    I see you JP!

    I wish I could visit JP's shop one day!! The jumper makes you look buff <3

    1. IS THAT a good thing? ahha
      thanks duckie.. im sure youl get a lot from his store hehe