peeping toe

Ni hao ma... I was reviewing my google account  and was surprised that China is my top 3 reader. Why?? Anyway , I'm still fixing my blog.. When you type inkarlcerating.com , it says that the domain is parked free and for sale ... It's really depressing and all of my friends who're good with htmls and troubleshooting are all busy.. anyway, I bought these wedges from Gold Dot a week ago because it reminded me of Givenchy's SS13. It's from their old 2010 archive.. The genuine leather is irresistible. It may be too much feminine but RAD HOURANI taught me about shedding off categories in clothes... I love the feeling of wearing them... and you?

The moment i saw RAD HOURANI's peep toe, i was like..hmm okay..i want too
sweater JEAN PAUL GAULTIER / pants BCBG Max Azria / shoes - Gold Dot / Karl Alley cap

made from real nappa leather


  1. And I'm wondering which country at the 1 top reader on your blog :)
    btw, if I typing inkarcerating.com it's directly to this blog and there's no problem when I open your blog.
    I love your cap, can I have it? :P


    Fahmy Haryandi, "The Whisperer"

    1. hi fahmy.. No. 1 is eithe Philippines or USA. hehe . thaks so much for helping me.. hugsss... lol. you can get the cap at LAHLAHLAND store in kuala lumpur. They have an online store

  2. Maybe you can ask help from your domain provider regarding your issue? :)
    I know it has to do with CNAMES and redirections so better to ask tech support for that :)

    Also, love the shoes - taray much! Different from all the laos-already heelless shoes! You def rock those pair!

    The Misty Mom

    1. thanks so much sharina for sharing yer thoughts. i think ok na sya. hahaha ang sexy db? rest muna ang heel less haha
      will visit yer blog na

  3. The shoes definitely make the outfit unique! Looking great! (:

    xxx, juuls


  4. SHOESSSSSSSSSSSSS! omg I'm dying here, are they the real deal? where'd u get them from?! I need them!

    1. haha for more runway realness! haha i wish the shape is a bit square-ish to undermine the savvy feel but i love it more knowing that u love it. there are few pairs left. come buy. i work for the brand hehe.. http://www.golddot.com.ph/search.aspx?searchterms=balsey