MIADORE / The New Saint

Acrylic like you've never seen . Amazing how Yekky made his acrylic pieces more elaborate and complex this time.Works of art that you can wear around your neck.   The gravity of his pieces lie in the 3-Dimensional layers , symmetrical cuts and precise irregular shapes-  Yekky applied Science beautifully!


The New Saint is inspired by the layers of complex, enchanting yet bordering on quaint beauty that are the Notre Dame de Paris [combined] with the languid strokes of the Art Nouveau era. Two completely different design eras that somehow blend well in terms of depth and refinement. The pieces I created evoke something complex but well-organized and logically constructed (gothic) as well as subtle and intricate (Nouveau), while having something irregular in addition to the fundamental intricacy that MIADORE is well known for.

 "The New SainT"
Miadore by Yekky Balingit


  1. Are these pieces available to buy? If so, where can you purchase them?

    1. Hi Karl.. if u have a facebook acct , go here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/MIADORE/255152929640?fref=ts

      his email is :bjbace@yahoo.com