Jealous for a COS

 I've enjoyed editing the photo lay outs last night. i slept at around 1am.  I was tempted to put my cropped face on each model but nay! Because I wish i have every piece of clothing seen here. "Winter , Spring , Summer or Fall.. all you have to do is.. COS"

COS (Collection of Style) is the minimal Margiela x Raf Simons-ish sister of H&M... 



  1. I'm also jealous. Arghhh, I want it all!

  2. I love browsing COS for chic minimal pieces, but something the copies of designers are so blatant it makes me feel a bit dirty even looking at them. They did an exact rip off of the Alexander Wang grey jersey dress with leather shoulders from seasons ago... So bad. Sometimes the quality isn't amazing either, so I've stopped buying from them online and make sure I examine in store before purchasing. God I need to loosen up...

    1. hahah yes loosen up babe... but i cant blame u if your preferences are way up there.. i get happy easily haha

  3. COS is so awesome, isn't it? Wish we had a store here in Manila!