Inkarl....something something

 Now it will be easier for me to tell my blog name/ twitter username  if friends, strangers, new friends , or even relatives will ask. My blog name isn't easy to remember, I know. I am most hurt when people (including close friends and readers who claim they read my page haha )  misspell it (Inkarlcelerating? Inkarlceration? Inkarlsomething something... lol ) plus I'm not the type who corrects people. It can be embarrassing for them. Some people still think that my name is Karlo or Charles. There was a time when I thought of changing my blog name it into something less complicated. But no!  So a big big thanks to my good friend Ally Duazo for giving me this random un-birthday gift. It's so beautiful, and functional and so me (metal on leather , duh). So allow me to reveal my wrist (and correct) when someone will say : "Hey i love your blog- Inkarlceleration! "


For people with mispelled name issues, this is useful... especially if that Starbucks guy constantly misspell your name- Mischka Raleigh . It can ruin your day , right?  We need these bracelet! We're too busy to spell names.

                                                                          where: TheBeadShop


  1. so cool!!:) i only have the common one with "blogger" on it. :)) but this one is great!

  2. It's great! looked very cool. if you tie-in a Mens Double Breasted Fur Coat! that will better.