Complex Geometries AW2012 // supersize

The brand that i loved since 2009! My love for dramatic draping started from this label. Who would've thought that free flowy fabrics can turn into fluid-edge clothes when turned, twisted, looped, and  maneuvered. And their Autumn/Winter 2012 is stronger than before.There is an evident celebration of volumes and proportions that juxtaposes the textures of each piece.  The " sheer versus covered  formula"  gets a dramatic twist too including the brilliance of pairing an oversized top and bottom to create a powerful paired-down look. I love the non-closure outerwears, robe tops which resembles a Judo uniform plus the awkward shaped baggy shorts

Very Jeehee Sheen x Limi Feu .. love that Complex Geo always create a shirt in every collection. Yes! i love brands which consider the power of tee shirts.


  1. i love the twisted leatehr boots and MMM look sweater material long dress!!
    Karl Lagerfeld / Marc by Marc Jacobs giveaway here!!!!!!

    Karl Lagerfeld / Marc by Marc Jacobs giveaway here!!!!!!


  2. Reminds me a little of Balenciaga's sculptured pieces!! Love the long whate coat the best!! Loving your blog,

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