Something drew me closer to the Japanese   school boy look. For a week, I was digesting images from Yang Li, Jeehee Sheen to Muji lookbooks and Japanese bloggers which made me realize the gravity of basic clothes. .I had to dig deeper in my closet to actually acquire them.  My old unused clothes are polluting my closet.  It's like an aquarium with dead fishes bothering the living. Too many Zombie Clothes! I must get rid of them to welcome the new ones. 

I talked to my friend , Paul Jatayna last night and he had an idea of selling his old stuff online. I was quite happy to know that my Complex Geometries blog post instigated this conversation.  Paul made me realize  that it is but wise to invest on sensible quality pieces from well-respected designers and labels since it will last for a lifetime. This cliche statement would make me yawn as I've read it already in countless "Interview Feature with   Miss Socialite"   on magazines but hearing it from your friend,  it makes so much sense! I've had numerous experience of running out tee shirts for work. I need the basic hi-quality ones! Thanks to my over-used ACNE, Zegna, Endovanera and Proudrace shirts for keeping up with times yet I need more  Of course one must have money first that's why we work! So I remembered the quote by Coelho or someone: I don't waste money, I spend them. 

 The good thing about fashion is you can change your mind once in a while. 


blazer 9am / Shirt Endovanera / pants : Mercibeaucoup / Gold Dot wedges




It's like a shorts of a guy with gigantism. Love the playfulness x awkward stucture. Getting on the bus was challenging since it's not made of stretched fabric but it's very durable!