an.n dem.eulemeester

Today is my  brother's bday but I am more than sure that between the two of us,   I am the happier one. My bday last JUNE was nada save for the heartwarming greetings of course which is priceless. There were no cakes nor Spag in sight but this year, I received gifts that are beyond my expectations. Gifts that I didn't even wish for. Sometimes unbirthdays are better.. 

Met up with my bff cousin and gave me these wonderful ANN DEMEULEMEESTER  boots. It was a size 38. Surprisingly, the style runs a size smaller  due to the high slim vamp and the narrow square toe structure. I enjoy looking at it from the side; a beautiful distortion. I walk funny in these but I am sure that after hours of practice , my feet will compromise. It should!  My pinky toes might die from blood deprivation but I have high tolerance with shoes... special shoes

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