metal.carpal syndrome

Too excited for work . Too excited to wear this metacarpal ring from Pray for Paris . 
Andrew McCallister was so sweet to send me some lovely stuff  'cluding this hand jewelry  . The month-long wait was worth it..... I wish wearing my favorite clothes will make this major sinusitis go away. It's becoming a morning ritual since I'm 12 years old.

Karl Alley cap / Jean Paul Gaultier Sweater / Topshop leggings / Senso shoes from Solestruck / Sea Gnome earring from Os Accessories

Kit Clutch

So excited for these clutches we've developed for Gold Dot! I have always been a fan of industrial + metallic things on bags and shoes..I so love how random the metal panel is placed on the bag. I'd use the beige one when I'm feeling Chalayan x Margiela for the day and the black clutch if I wanna  Rad Hourani myself and be androgynous-serious-all black.  These will be released at the World Trade Center tomorrow for the Supersale Event!! I'll go early on Sunday for these! 








Yang Li and lovely

Nature: China  // Nurture: London

When the two sensibilities above unite, the effect is a perfect supernova . Post-minimalist movement as presented by Mr. Li. .... I was dying as I saw the pieces on LN-CC.. But I guess the zoom image function can only do so much. Yes! the Fabrics look soft as a baby's butt-cheek and sturdy as your dad's abs..


Wearing Inspired-by Margiela pieces today because I have none and I am not cool Boo. If I wasn't sane today I would have worn a diy- bra on top body suit haha.. . Resourcefulness and Imagination101.  

I wanna have more lucite shoes!!!




Recently, the crafted architectural shoes are becoming sensational over those spiked towering platforms. Gloria Coelho's heels are one of the newest discoveries. I am quite astonished with her brilliance in presenting new forms and visuals.. Plus I love the color combo. Brasil Represent!

Jealous for a COS

 I've enjoyed editing the photo lay outs last night. i slept at around 1am.  I was tempted to put my cropped face on each model but nay! Because I wish i have every piece of clothing seen here. "Winter , Spring , Summer or Fall.. all you have to do is.. COS"

COS (Collection of Style) is the minimal Margiela x Raf Simons-ish sister of H&M... 




Sunnies make a great eye concealer.. I slept at 2am and woke up at 5am . Then I went out at 6 am. I don't know how those korean pop stars make their eye luggage disappear. Is eye concealing taught to them in HS?  

With clothes you conceal the tired body, the ugly posture , the lumps and bumps . I always snag a structured outerwear to pretend everything is okay.  Apparently, I am organizing two shoots this December.  It's gonna be exciting but I must figure out how to configure Skype. December is nosebleed month (#noenglishplease)

Folded & Hung sunnies