Yohji Yamamoto SS13 // Amelia Earhart

I think Yohji Yamamoto is a scary designer. Although I must admit, he pulls me like gravity. Other than his clothes, His valiant sensibilities, sarcasm to fashion and slight jaded quotes interest me. I think he is the Confucius of fashion!  I consider his interviews firmly significant as  he is straight to the point and he abhors flowery fashion-y conversation. He is the type who would usually roll eyes when asked "Mr. Yamamoto , what is you inspiration for this collection?" Not that we're close but reading interviews from the fashion editors' point of view, you'll somehow get a piece of him.

I was happy to see the that layers this time were featherweight. I could see that each pattern resembles a triangle which when worn , enswathes the body beautifully like an airplane flap. Yohji was all about billowing skirts and undulating pants , but there's a palpable inspiration of FLIGHT (Amilia Earhart hairdo ?). Sorry but I can't deny how some of pieces are reminiscent of our clothing line- Paradigm Shift Dream Incubation collection last year (click) which was also inspired with flight.

 All in all, I think this season is about re-affirming his ethos same with Rei Kawakubo, Jil Sander , and many long-running designers as if it's a sign of being anti-trends or whatever..











“Young people, be careful. Beautiful things are disappearing every day,” - Yohji Yamamoto on the young fast-fashion loving generation

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