simple seoul

WEARABLE? why let  someone tell you what's wearable or not. everything can be wearable. Wearability is a choice. You must  never underestimate or limit  your human strength. everything is possible. chos haha

 looking back at how i dress up, I must say that i've done a good job in defying wearability. Now,  my cray cray sensibilities kindov watered down obviously. There's something about ageing that makes you want to be just in a sensible order: Lesser blings, lesser colors, lesser effort .  When you begin to notice those fine lines and saggy eyebags, you just want to look "minimal". I no longer wear those crazy talon rings and studded bracelets that I used to stack on my arms as if it's my last day on Earth. God knows the countless slight terrible accidents I've encountered with my shoes, shredded shirts , and long coats. There was a time I  felt sorry and  embarassed whenever I wobble and trip at cobbled pavements in my 5 inch wedges. I'll never forget how scary it was when the lady in the bus got caught in my web shirt. It was horrifying but after laughing it off with friends, I was okay. It was fun.I wouldnt mind being in that same scene again. Yes, there are no regrets.

Today, it's  a simple simple kind of simple. it was super hot that day but i opted to layer. wearable? yes!