SENSO: Vanetta Wedges

.Last Friday was tough. I was caught in a hour traffic (not rare in Manila) , almost fell at the back of the tricycle while in motion (texting can be the end of you ) and everything's not working accordingly. It's my Friday the 13th!  I got home safely though and on my bed was a big box from Solestruck. I was clueless. I didn't buy any since I'm still under my "shoe shopping -restraint". So I remembered an email from Ty McBride of Solestruck that he'll be sending something. I even had to convince my mom who was eyeing me knowingly that the package was a gift. haha. So I made her try the shoes to change the subject. My yaya tried them as well and I ended up taking photos of them for their facebook.lol

That same morning I was just browsing their site to see the new collection. It's been part of my job and routine to check new shoes online just to you know .And I saw the SENSO's  Vanetta. It's a curved wedge booties with texture-blocking details and now I have one.  Oh I've missed SENSO. I think they've kind of disappeared for a while (no release? )and now the brand is back with new tasty shoes .  My favorite part of the shoes was the kid suede! I love the texture and  smell too . Smelling things is my hobby...

SENSO is a Sydney-based footwear brand founded in 1980 and was continued and owned by the 3 sisters. Now, they have 16 stockists around the world. I've discovered the brand in 2009. Honestly, there are a lot  of footwear labels out there but Senso's undeniably one of the best game players with their high-octane silhouettes and design.. Check their shoes here


When worn, it looks so much nicer. Especially if you'll  wear a black cigarette pants with this. The orange detail pops. It's stable as well. I've worn heeless so much in the past and this one's not life threatening at all.

The orange detail and gartered mesh gave  the whole shoe a Y-3  kind of sporty vibe!


 Buy it here

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