Pu-ra-da san

Every season Prada undergoes a total Paradigm Shift.  It can be about the 60's glamour , on the next it's abut the flaming 50's , and for their Spring Summer 2013 , the Jubilant Japan aesthetic ruled  with their florals, oriental colors and the platforms referenced to the geisha. I super like it. Ally and I were so surprised though when we saw them on the internet. Ally designed and released  the stacked platforms last year and also early  this year, Karmaloop and Solestruck requested the  platform-over- platform exclusive footwear courtesy of Gold Dot for their respective store.. Not saying that Prada copied Ally's design, okay? haha I guess there was an unexplainable clairvoyance or something that transpired.

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 Paige boots
November 2011
 August 2012
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  1. Those Prada shoes are INSANE. Will you be rocking them??

    1. it would be a pleasure to just try them on.. thanks for the comment my charlie