Iron Maiden

It's my second time to wear a onesie. It's a bit hard to wear them honestly. . I have issues with bulk-inducing clothes . Bulky is different from oversized ...Bulky clothes make you oversize haha. You know, that unhealthy sort of bulk ! I first tried them on and I felt like Santa Claus. In my sheer attempt to look ok I cinched the belt that comes with the jumper,  adding salt to the wound. It was hours before I figured out how to wear it the way I wanna see myself in it . See, I am not a stylist. I don't even know how to pin properly so this , being out of my comfort zone was tricky.  It's shapeless from waist down but  it's from Issey Miyake and I respect the designer so much so I have to wear it no matter what. I didn't buy it. It was one of the few gifts I received on my birthday.  My favorite  oversized vest and curved wedges saved me. I'm thinking of another way to wear this onesie though . Exciting!

It's my dad's birthday today!!! I should be happy but inside I feel weird. My parents are getting older every year and It's sad to think about the future. I have friends whose parents are gone forever,... parents who are spending their lives in the hospital, etc.... I'm such a worrier. Oh well..... what to wear for fashion week..?

 Iron Maiden shirt / Vigor vest / Issey Miyake onesie / Vanetta wedges from Solestruck










 photos by maysie lecciones

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