One day i shall wear these pieces  and my life will never be the same again. It's so difficult to wear super structured pieces because it makes one look robotic and awkward but RAD showed the world that it's alright to look superhuman and that for one moment, wide shouldered jackets are flattering on women and peep toe heels are sexy on men. The world isn't linear. There are entities beyond male and female.

Okay so I've tried sporting the brushed up do but it was shameful. Rad might be offended if he sees me in that state . I'll lose more weight and I promise when my cheekbones are as sharp as RAD'S male muses, I'll post vanity photos and send them to his email. hihi

 do you get the inspiration? clap clap
PHOTOGRAPHED BY (my husband in the past life )RAD HOURANI 

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