floored by Yang Li

No jewelries, wristwatch, or clutch bag. Not even a hint of blush. It's my dream actually to go outside with nothing but my favorite clothes. Just adoring how it move and sway with every gait I make. Bags can be so mutilating sometimes. There's something powerful about wearing a  Maxi. It's like you're powerful enough not to care if the skirt touches the floors, pavements that is filled with dirt , saliva (well, if you're in Manila haha ). This lookbook/ editorial by Yang Li makes wearing skirt so rationally liberating and beautiful.  It's about finding meaning through the clothes by considering it as an extension of oneself. Him being an intern for Gareth Pugh explains his inclination towards androgyny or rather an organic fusion of both. the term  Androgyny can be too "aggressive / warrior-like "  (think: hourani, pugh..)  but in the case of Yang Li's , it's more of the classic made extra special. He enjoys distorting the usual  sewing process and loves to play with the  pattern,  darts, fabrics and more technical things. A designer who also designs the technical process in creating a  design!

Before when I don't know much about fashion designers , I'd update myself by visiting style.com and I'd go right away to the designer's directory to check new collections. I was so interested back then to fill up the emptiness and gather facts as many as i could.  I have this thing with Asian designers. I'd check on the Asian designers first..You know, the Lim's , the Yamamoto and the Wu. Now, Yang Li is included in that checking list. The minimalist designers I adore are growing,  i must begin writing  them down on my small notebook.

"Rather than wearing a Metallica shirt or a biker jacket, to me it's more punk if a young person wears a double-face garment or a T-shirt that's cut open in the back, you know?" - Yang Li ..

 ouch!!! haha

       photos here    : Yang Li


  1. Love Yang and this was one of my favourite lookbook shoots ever. I need to get some of his clothes in my life! There's a pair of schoolboy shorts from SS2011 I'm desperate to have.