Atifa Rasooli S/S 2013 // Silence

"Everything imaginable and unimaginable is created from stillness. Stillness is where all creations begin. I am the messenger of stillness"

 "I have not focused a lot on details, but rather to give a total impression. Decoration and fantasy comes from the mood and atmosphere of the pieces. I would love to do a collection where I only think scenario and atmosphere and not clothing."

....And I couldn't agree more.Funny how I subconsciously nod  as I read Atifa Rasooli 's ABOUT page and interviews. Minimalism exist and triumph for a reason. More often than not, we marvel at the phenomenon when designers like Atifa convey  a strong message in silence and stillness.There's charm whenever a designer provides a fresh approach 'spite the restrained discipline/color/technique or whatever. Just look at the folds and how these folds made the pieces special! The whole essence and mood of the looks make everything extra extra special..