Anrealage /// Clone Stamp

 The power of the thing called Photoshop as interpreted by Kunihiko Morinaga for the label Anrealage.  ANREALAGE gets its brand name by combining 3 keywords: "real," "unreal," and "age. As I've said before, Japanese designers are lightyears ahead of us. I greatly  appreciate the avant-conceptual austerity of the British, Swedish , Belgians but being an Asian makes it so relatable to grasp the sensibilities of Japanese designs.  The tricks of Photoshop which includes the ever trusty clone stamp was translated as details (the heels/platforms, the flower prints,buttons,  the collars, sleeve panels, even the socks!...) that punctuated the peculiar aesthetic of the brand. Mama Rei kawakubo would love this

"Real" is the ordinary, but "unreal" is not about the extraordinary, the fantastical, or the virtual. I understand it as the hidden features within the ordinary that go unnoticed or unobserved. "Age" is something that is always following us. I think there is great meaning to be born into this age or era, and to make clothes in this same age. I want to confront this age as I work. Also, the reason it is "AN REAL" instead of "UN REAL" is because I want to depict the ordinary, and to really focus on the strangeness and the overlooked within the ordinary, or what is real.- Kunihiko Morinaga

this brand proclaims that "the body as a measure for clothes must be reexamined; without changing this ruler, new clothes cannot emerge."

clone stamp

distorted liquified effect

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