Ann Demeulemeester SS13// Nothing really matters

I think I was 10 years old at the time Nothing Really Matters by Madonna was a huge hit. I was a crazy  Spice Girls fan but when I saw the oriental- black haired Madonna |(black haired madonna is the best) in the Nippondroid themed video , I was so sure that Madonna is my star. Remember how she awkwardly  danced while waving her thick kimono flapped  sleeves that subtly exposed her cleavage in every move?  Come spring/summer of 2013 and that very image of the Madonna-kimono-cleavage video  flashed in my mind when I saw Ann Demulemeester's warlocks. This time, the exaggerated floor-length  trails originate from the sleeves. Owing references again to the iconic kimono while injecting her Euro-goth sensibilities.  Her trademark obis were replaced , now thicker and longer,  as if it could pass up as an upper covering. The abrupt slices on the clothes complimented the center-part hair do as well. And the shoes! Ann Demeulemeester knows what shoes to complete the look.











the patent all-black kimono! how could the designer predicted that it will become a hit once more in the 2000s?

photos: nowfashion / vogue.com

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