The shoes of NYFW / video

I rarely post videos on my blog because I have short attention span and the connection here in the Philippines is so slow that watching videos for me consumes a lot of time. But this video that my good friend Thysz Estrada shared is cool! I can totally relate to the videographer's point of view. Everyday i commute to work and during that 1 hour trip, I stalk people's shoes. I have a small notebook and I would write down or do a quick sketch of the shoes that I see on real people. When I say real people, those girls who are working in the office at 8am, mothers, young students, simple girls. Get the picture... It helps me a lot in studying the Filipino market (specifically in footwear preferences ) which i think is a melting pot of both super simple and ultra quirk..But this video is all about shoe sightings during New York Fashion Week. ahhhhh shoes! They bring me joy. The leather straps, the slim laces, the emaciated heels versus the chunky platforms.. ok just watch!

The Shoes of NYFW from John Jannuzzi on Vimeo.

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