SIKI IM SS2013// floor length

Siki Im gives a justifiable reason for men to dress up in floor length skirts. It's nothing much different with elephant wide leg trousers as you can see. The way it was cinched in the waist down to the languidness resonate strength and masculinity as opposed to that of Carolina Herrerra's version which is one of her most iconic and evocative look . I've always believed that clothes are chameleon that adopts to its wearer once it was harnessed to the body.

Somehow, the images of young men in skirts made me feel how it is crime-like and unhealthy to always be in skinny jeans...haha

Models.com provide very nice intimate photos, no? I just wish they could be as fast as nowfashion.com in terms of updating nevertheless, models.com is my go to site.

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  1. love boys in skirts, thanks for sharing!

    gorgeous looks here <3