Rick Owens SS2013 // sky dancers

Every fashion denizen is aware that Sir Owens is the mighty man of darkness. However, his spring/summer '13 collection was portrayed with sensibilities of opulence, light and etherealness. Quite the contrary of his Fall Winter 2012 collection(The pyro-effect was replaced with faux-clouds this time.) If you show the images to a 11 yr old girl, she would think the dresses are pretty. Girls love flowy sparkly clothes with regal effect! The shoes are amazing, no? I want a man-version of the shoes. And did you notice, there's a surge of chain-embellished shoes for the past seasons. Can't wait to release my design for Gold Dot.. grr it's taking so long i can't even...anyway, any girl who'd cop this hairstyle will have my respect and all of Rick Owens' worshippers.

photos: nowfashion.com

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