OS vol. 3/ SEA PUNK

The third collection of OS finds the brand testing new waters, as it were, with a greater variety of size, shape, texture, and color. It clearly takes a seaward direction, drawing inspiration from aquatic animals, many examples of which, despite their relative accessibility, retain a basic mystique that owes to both their form and behavior.





Vol. 3, however, is not so much a joyful tribute to the ocean and its enduring beauty as a somber meditation on its vulnerability to the whims of humanity. Rapid industrialization and increased urban growth, undertaken without care, have led to environmental degradation and destruction, and marine life has not escaped harm. Pollution is indexed in the collection with allusions to petroleum and toxic waste, as well as to the profits with which it is bound up—perhaps unavoidably.







The cuffs, harnesses, neck adornments, and head gear of Vol. 3 are intriguing configurations of skeletons, exoskeletons, cow hide, pigskin, and metal in oily black, metallic green, bone white, and gold. The pieces, 30 in all, speak of a kind of absurd, alien athleticism, and lend themselves quite easily to adventuresome accessorizing.






The marine trend gets an upscale and grandeur twist with OS' Vol3 collection! OS is already making waves in the international scene. World domination? perhaps! but there's no stopping them now. Have you seen the Dazed and Confused Korea editorial with the korean pop idol wearing their bone necklace? I've always believed in their brand since day 01! They are indeed a global-local label. Whenever I buy a piece from them, it is always a moment. an experience. You can feel the world-class branding , from the sharp packaging down to the exquisite craftmanship. You must get one (or more) ! Accessories should be fun. Check the names of their pieces, too! It should start a conversation with strangers. It should be different! Congrats to Paul Jatayna and AJ Omandac. .. and I am still waitng for that SEA GNOME earrings! werk!!!! lol

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Photography: Charles Buenconsejo Styling: Mike Magallanes

Video: Vise Versa Products Photography: Paolo Cordua

Hair and Makeup: Marian Hernandez Art Direction and Layout: Paul Jatayna

Models: Jessica Yang, Pauline Prieto, Jujiin Samonte, Ruther Perez and Earl Espiritu

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